How to join videos into one for free

If you need to merge multiple videos into one long file, free Freemake Video Joiner is the best option for you. It combines any media files and saves them to most popular formats accepted by literally all PCs, mobile gadgets, TVs and multimedia systems, and editing programs. Join clips into a long movie or a presentation in a couple of clicks.
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Follow the guide and learn how to merge videos:

1. Download and start Freemake Video Joiner
2. Add files that you want to combine
3. Edit videos
4. Enable the Join option
5. Unite movies together
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Download & start
Freemake Converter

Get the free movie joiner here and launch it on your computer. You can choose between a full installation and a custom installation. The latter will ask you if you want to create desktop and fast-access icons. Select the options that you need and click the "Next" button to proceed.

Add video files that you want to combine

When Freemake icon appears on your desktop, click it to run the merging tool. Then click the “+Video” blue button to add all the clips that you want to combine together. Your movies can be in different supported formats: AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV, FLV, etc. You don’t need to convert films to the same extension beforehand.

Please put the files one by one in the order you need them to be combined in a final video.

The tool doesn’t have any quantity limits. You can add two, three or more visuals for joining. Just keep in mind that if you add too many files, the freeware might require some additional time to compile them.

Edit clips easily

In particular cases, you might need to eliminate some clip parts before combining to make the final movie look smoother. It’s very easy. What you need to do it to click the green scissors button to the right of a film to run Freemake editor. Then use the bottom buttons to mark the moments that you would like to remove.

Click the middle scissors button and then “OK” to save only the necessary clip film parts.

Enable the Join option

Return to the main program interface. Pay attention to the top right corner; you'll see the Join on button there. Move the toggle to enable it. There will appear a preview of the future movie.

Please note that the button is active only if you have more than one file in the utility.

Merge movies together

Now have a look at the bottom of the joining app. You’ll see round button with output extension names. Depending on your goal, click the one you need. For example, if you want to embed a file into a presentation, go to WMV. To enjoy the film on a TV, select AVI or MPEG options.

There will open a new window where you can choose if you want to save the video as is or change it to exactly meet your needs.

When you finish, click the “Convert” button to join your multimedia files.